One Island

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Saving the planet, one island at a time.

Inspiring, and inspired by, communities in need.

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Making solid waste visible.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

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One Island is sited at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As a university-based research program, One Island investigates methods for reusing plastic to create art, architecture, and art education.  Please visit

The research and artwork of One Island has also been generously supported by Indiana (PA) County Recycling Center. Since 2008 they have displayed student work in their lobby and have included our work in three county fairs.
Visit them at

18 thoughts on “One Island

    • Cheryl,
      The scope of your work makes me feel like we’re in kindergarten. It’s quite amazing. It certainly makes me realize the tidy nature of our work, even on the beach.

      Thanks for the compliments! – Steve

  1. Has your group contacted some of the Pennsylvania arts festival groups to see if you would set up as an exhibitor to display environmentally friendly art use for materials? I suspect that the public would be amazed with how items can be made into art work. Your booth could be not only a contribution of art, but also very important life lessons. If your group is interested, I am in the State College area and would be willing to approach the Central Pennsylvania Festival of Arts Committee to see if they would have an area that would allow you to teach others about recycling.

    • Linda,

      This sounds like a great opportunity!!! Can you please tell us more? This sounds like it could be something of great interest to us further down the road. Hope to hear back from you soon!


      • Brandon:

        I will contact Mr. Rick Bryant, the gentleman in charge of Central Pennsylvania Festival of Arts. I am thinking that a display on the Children’s Day of the Festival, which is set along South Allen Street would be terrific. The fesitval advertises that it draws over 100,000 people a year. I am sure that Childrens Day is heavily attended, not sure of the number. Our municipal building and public library are along the Children’s Festival route, so I am thinking that your display be set up with signs to visit inside the buildings. I will talk to Rick Bryant this week and return information directly to you. Keep up the great job!

        Linda Welker

  2. We’ve been getting lots of hits from the U.K. and Australia. Anyone want to pay our way for some workshops? We’d love to come visit & there’s only 4 of us! – Steve

  3. I get so caught up in the scientific or technical aspect of environmental remediation sometimes that I forgot how powerful images can be when bringing the destruction of our environment to the attention of the public.

  4. Keep your readers up-to-date on your current work on the beach in the Bahamas. This will be the closest I get to the ocean this season!

  5. See more on oneisland and calabashecotours on FaceBook.

    What passes for a dirty beach is causing us start-up anxiety. UNEXSO has a great space for a sculpture and we are being given a primo location to work at, but very little material to be found. Like the Scotland trip, it will probably cause us to be inventive.

    “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research” – Albert Einstein

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