About Us

One Island is…

A program of workshops that use solid waste to provide new methods for artistic expression, shelter, occupation, and income while improving the local ecology of environmentally challenged communities worldwide.

One Island has several goals based on the concept that communities, like islands, have boundaries that are defined by particular cultures, traditions, circumstances, and needs:

• Nurture and document low-tech innovations and discoveries that use post-consumer waste as a means of creating art and architecture

• Adapt those methods to the particular conditions of environmentally challenged communities

• Disseminate those skill sets and knowledge to others

• Immerse students in teamwork, community, and sustained artistic collaboration

• Cultivate students to become environmentally sensitive educators and leaders

• Expand the awareness of One Island and of the challenges posed by non-degradable solid waste


One Island is a university-based research program that investigates methods for creating art and architecture from common solid waste materials created by the global consumer society. These activities focus on the reuse of plastics. Along with the labors of art, innovation, and inevitably engineering, One Island pursues enhancement of the students’ skills of leadership, tolerance, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

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