One Island can use your support a variety of ways.

Most importantly, you can spread the word of our work.

We can also use your assistance:

• possible One Island study abroad and workshop sites (world-wide!)

• connections with ventures similar to One Island or possible sponsors

• media exposure (know anyone at the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, or Oprah?)

• workshop opportunities

• exhibition opportunities or space

• donations of recent books, films, or articles related to our concerns

• tools (see our wish list for creating educational kits to be gifted)

• plastics and other materials relevant to our projects (especially volumes of a type of thing)

• local/regional storage facilities for these accumulating materials

Donations of money and in-kind goods are welcome.
Please contact Steve Loar to discuss details <>

1 thought on “Donate

  1. All these students need to ask their local Art Council organizations to write about their experiences in their newsletters. Spread the word! (and have articles for your experience portfolio)

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