Plastic Scraps: Building Form 04/2012

One Island’s first smaller plastic class included three fourth grade girls who proved to be plastic superstars. Because it was a smaller class, the students were able to focus on their own designs with help. Roxanne designed the class based on working with the piles of plastic scraps remaining from a past 3-D studio. Students looked at the work of Sayaka Ganz before and after sketching exercises. The work from this class will be entered in the Youth Arts Celebration the beginning of May 2012.

“Monkey on a Vine” Jorie Meil, Age 9
Jorie was inspired by the Amazon Rain forest designs worn at the Indiana Arts Council “Trashion Show”. Jorie started by sketching a sculptural body piece that would wrap around the shoulders. The finished design features a purple monkey hanging on the back, a clear green plastic vine, and a blue flower on the shoulder of the front. Jorie decided to abstract the vine as a green wave instead of adding leaves. She simplified her flowers to just one blue pop of color and texture on the front of the body.

“Experimenting with Design: Plastic Angry Birds” Natalie Grattan, Age 10. 
Natalie came to the class with extensive ideas and a plan to build a working, “kinetic” sculpture. She has worked in plastic in the past so during the class she took the time to elaborate on her sketches, collect and cut more materials, and build models. Natalie is going to continue this sculpture outside of class with Roxanne. She is considering turning her model into a wall hung relief.

“Giraffe” Amelia Kuzneski, Age 10.
This was Amelia’s first time working with plastic, taking on a big design for the short amount of time we had to work. Amelia brought a small giraffe sculpture to work from as a visual for her sculpture. At first she wanted to build the full form but after some sketching and discussion she decided to hide the lower body with a layer of grass/leaves. A great design in a little amount of time for a first time Plastic Inventor!

Special thanks to Brandon who stopped in to give some pointers and help as a Plastic Inventor!

The next experimentation: sewing to connect pieces with colorful plastic string…

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