Amazonian Rainforest/ Trashion Show 2012

The Three-Dimensional Design students of Steve Loar in IUP’s Department of Art took part in the Trashion Show on March 30, 2012, sponsored by the Indiana Arts Council. Beginning with the theme of “Under the Canopy: Impressions of the Amazonian Rain Forest”, the project was clarified as “Create a wearable plastic sculpture that evokes an Amazonian animal and its habitat.” This resulted in two weeks of intensive designing, experimentation, and concept evolution using almost exclusively post-consumer waste plastics. The students’ task was to make this evocation without resorting to literal realism. The compositions reflected a small portion of the vast amounts of plastics that proliferate in our culture, while celebrating its potential as an artmaking medium. The Trashion Show was a perfect venue for increasing visibility of this, now, 5 year-old cycle of projects that underscores the research nature of so much that is university-based art and craft. The students got off campus and were thrust into the public view, after having made the front cover of the Indiana Gazette the previous Monday. It was also a lesson in just how slow a fashion model has walk! The reimagined and extended REEF from the 3-D classes of Fall 2011 was the featured runway decoration, sporting new LED lighting and a massive spread that included the archway that formed the portal for the entrance of the models.

If any students or parents have more pictures from the Trashion Show, email them to and they will be put up within the week.

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